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10 things that can be surely found in a girl’s handbag!!

A girl’s handbag can be really mysterious. Almost everything in the world can fit in this small thing. But in spite of having every known and unknown things inside it, there are 10 things that can surely be found inside a girl’s handbag!

•Lipstick : 90% of girls carry a lipstick with her. No matter how much the bag is filled, it will still be empty without it.

• Handkerchief : A simple handkerchief is surely gonna be there but it has to be cute to match with her Style!

• Sanitary Pad : Shh! Girls can use cool hiding tricks to carry a pad for safety issues. Might be for her, or for someone who needs it. There will be a cute pack for it, for sure!

•Extra Mask : Mask is mandatory but what if it goes missing? What if she’s is style crazy and it doesn’t go with the mask she’s using? Yay! she has another mask to match!

• Band aid : Heels = Blisters. So band aid will be a life saver!

•Self protection items : Today’s world is unsafe, so there can be a sharp thing or a pepper spray. Sad.

• Scrunchie : A scrunchie is a life saver in summer for long-hair-girls. Scrunchie in the bag is must!

• Money : A bag without money is like a girl without bag! There will be money to spend on food and makeup and to help others too!

•Earphones : Best way to get distraction is to plug earphones and drown in songs. That’s what girls love!

•Water Bottle : Girls need hydration a lot. So a lil bottle in a lil bag is needed!


  • Hey, This is Swarnali Nandi, a student. Currently, 17. Not professional but still love writing and creating. There are just some little tries with silly mistakes. Hope they're forgivable. Spread love!

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