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You are in for a laughing riot! Visit “Nikamme Paltan” now!!

Online presence has become a crucial part of our lives now. We all want to be noticeable on social media for numerous reasons. It can either be selling products, services, entertainment, or sharing information. There is one platform that has been very much trending which is a video sharing platform called YouTube. Making videos, filming them, editing it, and sharing any sort of information requires a lot of creativity. YouTube branding is an excellent way to reach out to your audience. It takes time, but once you are visible and consistent with making videos, you are bound to reach millions of people. Did you know that YouTube has nearly visitors who watch 6 billion hours of video every month?

There is one channel that we would love to talk about that will entertain you with their videos – “Nikamme Paltan”. This channel has about 1.78k subscribers! They have been on YouTube for 2 years now. This channel was founded by 3 guys who bring in creativity into their videos. Now what kind of video do you think they make? Well, you will find lots of funny Bollywood roast videos, daily life situations that take place and lots more.

Their latest video is about ‘True Coffee Lovers’. Coffee lovers and the way they are is what is shown in this video. A light comical video that shows various things coffee lovers say, behave and do when they don’t get their morning cup or how a cup of coffee can really uplift your girlfriend’s mood. Hey, now I am a coffee lover too! I totally relate to this video. I need a cup of either a hot or cold every day. If I go out to chill with my best friend, we end up going for coffee. If you are a coffee lover then you will totally relate to this just like I did. They say ‘a lot can happen over coffee’ and it’s true! Try it to believe it and watch it to relate to it.

Their trending video on ‘Happy Independence Day’ which has crossed nearly 7k views is doing a pretty good job! There are various characters you come across when it comes to posting about Independence Day on social media. There will be some who are pro India, there are some who are extreme protestors, and then there are some who are those ‘desh bhakt’ people who put sentimental posts on Independence Day. So, which one are you? Watch this video and share it with your friends and ask them the same question.

Another video that has hit the radar is ‘Lockdown Got Talent’ that has crossed almost 12k views. How cool is that? There are 2 guys that have showcased their “lockdown” talent in this video! Now I am sure we have developed some new skills in this lockdown right? These 2 have also learned something new? What do you think it is? Is it cooking, singing, cleaning, or dancing? Watch another funny video by Nikamme Paltan to know their Lockdown Talent!!!

‘New Year 2020 ki Biryani’ is another entertaining video! Well, I am sure that we all have friends who try to make fun of us especially in front of our crush! This video will make you laugh for sure and will also make you feel sorry for that man who just couldn’t deal with so much pressure! *Ahem* If we reveal everything, how will you watch it? Go, go, go, and watch this video!

PS – 107K views on that video!  

Their channel is very entertaining and you are surely going to find a variety of videos that will tickle your bones! Getting bored? Check out their funny videos and say goodbye to boring days! From video on types of teachers, types of customers, a life of a rapper, TikTok ban, to job interview gone wrong and so much more, you are in for a laughing riot. They are very consistent with uploading their content and you are bound to find something that you will relate to. We go through so much in our daily lives, and these guys have really bought complete humor into it to make it light and funny. Not everything seems so bad when you watch such entertaining videos.  

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